Where did June go?

Time flies when you’re having fun

Ah June, how fast you flew by. You served me well while staying in Bali, and you didn't even give me the chance to thank you. June, what a roller coaster of a month you were. Halfway through you, I had to close the WiFi Tribe chapter and say goodbye to a lot of fantastic people.

Bromo FOMO

If someone were to ask you if you wanted to spend 30+ hours in a car and hike 2 volcanos and a waterfall over a weekend, what would you say? I responded with a "hell yes", and so did 4 other WiFi Tribe travellers. The bonds you make with people when stuck in a small metal box for 30 hours together are indescribable.

Our weekend itinerary

  • Leave Canggu at 3am on Friday June 1st

  • Drive 3 hours to ferry to Java

  • Take ferry to Java for 1 hour

  • Drive 3 hours to Tegenungan Waterfall (arrive at 10am)

  • Visit Waterfall (This includes a hike down and back up a treacherous watery mountain)

  • Drive 6 more hours to Yoschi's hotel near Mt Bromo. (Arrive approx 8pm)

  • Sleep

  • Wake up at 3am

  • Visit Bromo (up 3 hours, sunrise, down 2 hours)

  • Drive to Ijen Hotel (8 hours, arrive around 7pm)

  • Eat, Sleep

  • Wake up at 1am

  • Visit Ijen (up 2 hours, down to crater 1.5 hours, up to rim 2 hours, down 1.5 hours)

  • Hop in the car and head back to Canggu (approx 8 hours)

What a weekend! Exhausting, but indescribable. Check out these breathtaking shots.

Closing the WiFi Tribe chapter

WiFi Tribe Bali 2018 came to an end on June 14th.

I met a bunch of truly amazing people, and I've made lifetime friendships.


And yet, Bali continues! Some of the people from WiFi Tribe stuck around, and we climbed Mount Rinjani together. Mount Rinjani is an active volcano in Lombok, Indonesia. The summit is 3,726 m above sea level, and the climb is arduous.

The climb up Rinjani is an intense three day, two night climb. It is not for the faint of heart. We had a guide, and porters to carry our camping gear, food, and water up the mountain, and still some of us had bags with us.

Here's what the climb looks like:

Day 1

  • Sembalun Village start. Elevation 1156m. (Started late, around noon)

  • Hike 2.5 hours (more like 3.5 if you are out of shape like me) to POS 1. Rest.

  • Hike 1 hours (more like 1.5 because I'm an out of shape fool) to POS 2. Rest, Eat, Sleep.

Day 2

  • Wake up early morning, begin climb to POS 3.

  • Hike 1 hour (more like 1.5-2 hours, starting to get tired) to POS 3. Rest.

  • Hike 3.5 hours (more like 4.5 hours) to crater rim. Rest, Eat, Sleep.

Day 3

  • Wake up 1am to climb to summit.

  • Hike 3 hours

    • More like 4.5 since I am now running on fumes and the mountain is steep and ashy. Climbing up, your shoes sink into the ash and are barely visible. It's like climbing one step forward and half a step back. Not to mention it's dark and I need to use a headlamp.)

    • Exhaust myself on the mountain. Find a comfortable jagged rock. Sleep on it. Try not to slip down the crater.

    • Wake up 20 mins later. Eat sugary snack. Push myself.

  • Reach summit. This was one of the best feelings I've ever had.

  • Stay for a while and breathe it in.

  • Start going back down. This is much easier.

  • 6 hours later, reach bottom.

  • Drive a while to the hotel.

  • Lie down... Sleep 16 hours...

Rinjani was the hardest physical feats I've ever had to do, and I highly recommend it.

Now what?

Now the adventures slow down. I am completely exhausted. Since Rinjani, I have been taking it very easy in Bali.

Next stop: Tokyo!