Weekend adventures

Exploring Canggu

It's been a while since my last update. Blogging tends to be a bit harder than I thought while living on beaches and islands. I've been here a month now, and I plan to stay another month. It feels like I just got here. There's just too much to do!

During the week I spend my time working at Dojo Bali, a coworking space here in Canggu. In the evenings I explore the food and drink scene. It's really easy to eat healthy here. I can also say that 100% of the restaurants here are vegan friendly. Some more than others, but vegans can definitely find something to eat anywhere.

There are beach restaurants that have bean bag chairs, pools, and Shisha rentals.
There are nice Italian restaurants owned by Italian immigrants.
There are even fast food kebab places all around.

Canggu is a smaller (and definitely more hipster) area of Bali. Gyms, yoga, salads all around. If you want to get a feel for a Balinese city, you can head to Kuta or Denpasar. You can find a lot more bars, malls, and fast food places (KFC anyone?).

I think my favourite part of the food scene are the speakeasies. There are a bunch of secret bars around the city that you have to find. I recently found out about one inside a fridge in the back of a mini mart. That was fun. I would post pictures but... I mean it's a speakeasy.

Gili islands

The Gilis are incredibly small islands. You can walk across the largest of the three islands in about 20 mins, or walk around it in about an hour. They are all beaches, diving, snorkelling, restaurants, and sun. 


I think diving was my favourite part of the Gili islands. I'm definitely planning on going back to get my PADI certification. I made a turtle buddy.



Ok, Canggu is great. It's got nice healthy food, really cool bars and secret spots, and nice beaches. Uluwatu however, is a completely different ball game. White sands, clear waters, Omnia day club. Uluwatu was the most relaxing weekend paired with a VIP day bed at Omnia Bali.

The weekends here tend to be fun, but man are they tiring. I am exhausted! This coming weekend is either going to be the PADI certification, or climbing Mt Bromo. Both of these are weekend long excursions, both are going to be accomplished, it's just a matter of which one first.